Food Culture in India

Thursday, 29 July 2004 

food-culture-in-india-colleen-sen“Not a cookbook but an invaluable source of the ‘why’ of Indian cooking is Colleen Taylor Sen’s Food Culture in India….Sen does an admirable job sketching out the history of India and its myriad food cultures. She manages to remain clear and accessible while trying not to overlook any one region, ethnicity or economic class. Dishes or foods that may seem strange or unfamiliar to the average American reader suddenly make sense when placed in the broader societal and historical context. Ingredients are explained, cooking techniques explored, everyday and holiday eating defined. The book even offers a few representative recipes. This is a work that belongs in the kitchen library of any serious lover or preparer of Indian foods.”–Chicago Tribune

“[A] well researched and truly fascinating look at the culture, foods and their origins all over the sub continent, broken down by region … definitely one for the shelves to come back to time and again.” –Menu Magazine

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