The Bloomsbury Handbook of Indian Cuisine

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Indian Cuisine

Edited by Colleen Taylor Sen, Sourish Bhattacharyya & Helen Saberi
To be published by Bloomsbury Press, Spring 2023

This reference work covers the cuisine and foodways of India in all their diversity and complexity, including regions, personalities, street foods, communities and topics that have been often neglected. The book starts with an overview essay situating the Great Indian Table in relation to its geography, history and agriculture, followed by alphabetically organized entries. The entries, which are between 150 and 1,500 words long, combine facts with history, anecdotes, and legends. They are supplemented by longer entries on key topics such as regional cuisines, spice mixtures, food and medicine, rites of passages, cooking methods, rice, sweets, tea, drinks (alcoholic and soft) and the Indian diaspora. This comprehensive volume illuminates contemporary Indian cooking and cuisine in tradition and practice.


‘Compiled by three masters of Indian food, this handbook confidently ranges from appam to vindaloo, and K.T. Achaya to Wyvern. It contains the wide-ranging cuisines of over a billion people, with a long history, who speak over 20,000 dialects. This handbook richly illustrates the multiplicity of Indian cuisines in theory and in practice.’ Krishnendu Ray, Associate Professor, Food Studies, NewYork University USA

‘A definitive and indispensable guide to Indian cuisine! The entries cover indigenous and “imported” ingredients, diverse cooking styles across states and communities and important personalities who have established Indian food globally. The book celebrates Indian traditions and festivals while looking at trends and changes at the Indian table. The authors have a deep understanding of Indian cuisine, and have also incorporated the writings of eminent food writers, making this book a comprehensive encyclopaedia of Indian cuisine.’ Priya Paul, Chairperson, Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels, India